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The Blueprint To Get Your B2B SaaS To $10M ARR

Rafiki Digi specializes in helping sales-focused SaaS companies construct reliable systems for client acquisition. Personalized video outreach and creative-driven PPC campaigns, are what we use to propel sales forward and successfully close deals by cultivating a qualified pipeline.

Trusted by startups around the world

How We Use Personalized Videos To Book 40 Demos/month


Growth strategies that actually drive revenue

We're a full packaged growth team that can help you with your inbound and outbound acquisition strategy.

why choose us

We help great
B2B SaaS products 
scale with ZERO risk.

Tired of getting burned by every agency or freelancer you work with and receiving sh*t service delivery?

We know how difficult growing a profitable startup is and our pledge is to make sure you stay profitable.

Work with the top copy-writers, designers and marketers in B2B.
24/7 support on Slack with dedicated account manager.
Live reporting dashboard of your campaign performance.
100% done-for-you... we literally do everything.


Generated in new pipeline for our B2B SaaS clients through paid ads & cold outreach.


We know what it's like to get burned. So to make sure you feel confident and supported by our team we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Satisfaction guarantee. We work till you get the results we promised, period.


SaaS companies worked with, helping them build robust customer acquisition systems to drive more sales.


See what our clients say

Our clients are what make us great and we're very grateful to work with amazing tech companies on a mission to change the world and their customers lives.

Georges Fallah
Vbout | CEO

"I recommend this agency"

"We needed someone who could tell us what to do instead of us telling them what to do. We worked with several companies who did not meet those criteria's so we had to tell them everything they needed to do so we did most of the work ourselves and this is what we found really good about Rafiki Digi is that your guys lead the process and you've done an amazing job."

Rebecca Stiletto
Mydoma Studio | Marketing

"The support is awesome"

"We felt like our money would be better spent having someone run the campaigns for us and telling us what works and doesn't work and meeting every week to understand how the campaigns are performing better. So we found Rafiki and thought they would be a great fit for our inbound campaigns."

Will Richman
GrowthGenius | Co-Founder

“A game changer for us”

"We were looking for channel diversity and and more meetings from inbound campaigns and we were very pleasantly surprised with the results. We have a good cost per demo and things are looking really good."

Quick start your campaigns

Get up and running
in half the time

We know how precious your time is, which is why we've built the most streamlined onboarding process which only takes 90-minutes to complete so you can get your campaigns started to reach your goals quicker.

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Learn how we can help massively increase your revenue and scale your SaaS business.

During this call, we learn more about your business and identify how to bring your ambitions to life.

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Businesses looking to increase their ARR year over year consistently.
Businesses looking to streamline and automate their customer acquisition process for more predictable lead flow.
Businesses looking for a reliable partner that can make their company a priority.

Frequently asked question


How much do you charge?

This embodies the essence of our scheduled conversation with you! Similar to a doctor who refrains from recommending medication that won't contribute to your healing, we too avoid proposing strategies that lack potential. Once we grasp your existing circumstances, aspirations, and anticipations, we can aptly prescribe the most fitting solution tailored to your specific needs.


How will you be different from our current agency?

Unlike other agencies that make grandiose promises, we refrain from offering you the entire world. Instead, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to aiding your team in attaining its objectives. Our approach centers on swift execution and open communication, without question. Feel free to schedule a call with our team to determine if our partnership aligns seamlessly with your needs!


Should I just hire someone in-house?

We've collaborated with brands boasting complete marketing departments – because greater minds yield superior results. By harnessing the collective power of your team and resources, we seamlessly integrate them with our proven processes to effectively propel you toward your next milestone.


How long does onboarding take?

Our comprehensive onboarding process spans 14 days, ensuring a thorough and seamless integration experience for your team.


How do you communicate with our team?

You will receive an invitation to join our collaborative Slack channel. Throughout the onboarding process, we will convene on a weekly basis to enhance coordination between our team and yours. Subsequently, our meetings will transition to bi-weekly sessions lasting 60 minutes. These meetings will serve to evaluate performance and deliberate on upcoming campaigns.


Who are your ideal clients?

B2B SaaS companies generating monthly recurring revenue (MRR) exceeding $10,000.

Ready to drive more sales for your SaaS?

Take the next step by booking a discovery call with our team.